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Pivit Theraputty Sensory Putty

  • REGAIN & MAINTAIN HAND STRENGTH ‚Äî Gradually regain grip strength and improve dexterity with our Therapeutic Exercise Putty. Our putty is used in hospitals, rehabilitation center and even in schools to help treat hand conditions like carpal tunnel, trigger finger, tendon or fracture surgery, strokes and more. It can also be used at home, the office and SPED classrooms to help calm anyone‚Äôs anxiety by giving them something physical to focus on or play with.
  • RELIEVES STRESS & SPARKS IMAGINATION ‚Äî Not only will our putty help strengthen your grip; it can also help relieve stress and anxiety. If you find yourself stressed out or stuck in a creative rut give one of our putty‚Äôs a squeeze, roll it out or pinch it into a little sculpture to help your mind wander. This helpful fidget aid is effective for those with Autism, nervousness, generalized anxiety, ADHA, anyone with hyperactivity or a combination of these.
  • 6 RESISTANCE LEVELS ‚Äî Not all putty is created equal! Our putty comes in six color-coded resistance levels to help build hand strength and suit different needs. Ranging from extra-soft to extra-firm there‚Äôs a putty for everyone and every need! Make sure not to mix the colors as this will result in a neutralizing of resistances. Help each putty maintain it‚Äôs resistance level by putting them back in their respective sealed containers after each use.
  • VIBRANT COLORS ‚Äî Our putties are color coded not only for convenience and cognitive association, but to also serve as a sensory outlet to make therapy, fine motor development and tactile sensory outlet tasks more fun! Each bright color can help provide a mental lift and help children in particular view a therapeutic task like this as a fun game to play instead of something they ‚Äúhave‚Äù to do.
  • NONTOXIC, ODORLESS & BPA FREE ‚Äî We use only the highest quality proprietary blend of long-lasting silicone to ensure medium resistance remains just firm enough and extra-soft stays pillowy and squishy! Each putty is latex-free so as not to cause skin irritation and to better uphold the integrity and longevity of our product. Plus, the non-greasy formula won‚Äôt leave sticky, oily residue on surfaces, clothes or hands to prevent stains and ensure safe use on any appropriate surface.
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Strengthen Hand Muscles, Improve Fine Motor Skills & Decrease Stress with Pivit Theraputty

Pivit Therapy Theraputty Putty is made of a non-toxic, odorless silicone and is designed to aid in the strengthening of hand muscles to improve grip. The soft, clay-like putty can be squeezed, stretched, twisted and pinched to strengthen muscles in user’s fingers, hands and even toes or feet. Available in six different strengths and colors to ensure the appropriate product for each individual user.

  • Regain Grip Strength¬†– Perfect for rehabilitation, physical or occupational therapy and in SPED classrooms, Pivit Theraputty is used to strengthen the hand muscles, improve fine-motor skills and relieve stress by squeezing, pinching, stretching and twisting it to effectively work the hand muscles.
  • Four Levels Of Resistance¬†– Each container of putty is 3-ounces for a total of 12-ounces of Theraputty to aid any patient/client/student no matter their level of grip strength.
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Transferable & Durable – Composed of an odorless, non-toxic silicone, our putty is also latex-free and durable to withstand extensive use without graining or seeping.
  • Enough To Go Around¬†– With four cans of therapy putty, there‚Äôs more than enough for everyone to get their hands on (pun intended). But, beware, do not mix the putty‚Äôs – this will compromise the resistance of each color-coded putty and ruin the resistance.


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  • 3 oz


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