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Pivit Soft Terry Cloth Cover Palm Protector Cone Grip with Elastic Strap


  • RELIEVE, TREAT & PREVENT PAIN – Do you suffer from hand contractures, arthritis or joint pain? Our Pivit Palm Cone Grip helps your loved one maintain a more natural, comfortable grip as they recover from a recent surgery or chronic pain. The Cone Grip comfortably fits hands of any size and can be used with either the right or left hand in medical facilities or at home.
  • HANDY FIDGET AID – This device serves as a helpful distraction for anyone with autism, an anxiety disorder, ADHD, anyone recovering from hand surgery, or when a patient needs something to squeeze while getting an IV. The grip works to relieve anxiety and muscle cramps by giving your loved one something to exercise their hand.
  • COMFORTABLE & ABSORBENT – Sweaty hands make it impossible to get a grip on anything. That’s why our Cone Grip cover is made from ultra-absorbent terry cloth material to absorb sweat and provide a soft grip. Because this material is hypoallergenic, anyone can use it without fear of causing irritation to the delicate skin on the hand.
  • SNUG ELASTIC STRAP – The gentle, yet strong elastic strap secures the Cone Grip to your loved one’s hand without cutting off their circulation. When your loved one isn’t gripping onto the cone, the strap features a button that can be used to secure the grip to a wheelchair handle, the strap of a backpack, a hook on the wall, or the rail of a hospital bed.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Every week or so, we recommend removing the dark blue, terry cloth cover from the Cone Grip and throwing it into the washing machine. This will prevent buildup of bacteria and sweat caused by regular use. Add the cover to your regular load of dark-colored clothes, wash with your favorite detergent and hang to dry.

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Strengthen Your Grip with The Pivit Terry Cloth Cone Grip with Elastic Strap

Struggling to regain strength in your hand after surgery? Maybe you’ve got a fidgety child with ADHD or an Autistic child craving a sensory outlet? Pivit’s Cone Grip provides hand support, strengthens grips and serves as an excellent sensory distraction to help those with ADHD or Autism to tune out the outside world and focus their energy on our grip to better focus on the task at hand.

  • Helps Heal Hand Conditions – Helps loved ones strengthen their natural, relaxed hand position to prevent hand spasms, skin breakdown, arthritis, joint pain and other hand conditions, as well as those recovering from strokes.
  • Handy Fidget Aid – Pun intended! All jokes aside, our cone acts as diversionary device for anyone with fidgety hands. Perfect for people with autism, nervousness, boredom, ADHD, over-excitement and helps to restrict a patient’s ability to pull at IV tubing.
  • Comfortable & Absorbent – Terry cloth is gentle on the skin and absorbs hand sweat, while the cone cushion conforms to the user’s hand shape for optimal comfort.
  • Elastic Strap – Keeps the cone in the user’s hand, while being gentle on the skin to avoid irritation
  • Easy to Clean – The cover is machine washable and its dark blue color makes it easy to avoid discoloration and stains after long-term use.


What’s in the Box?

  • 1 Palm Cone Grip
  • 1 Elastic Strap
  • 1 Washable Terry Cloth Cover
Weight 3 lbs


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