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Pivit Rear Anti-Tipper Devices for Medical Wheelchairs | 2 Pack


  • Heavy-Duty chrome plated steel
  • MUST-HAVE WHEELCHAIR ACCESSORY– Will fit most standard models or any wheelchair with 22.2mm size tubing. Just as able-bodied people occasionally trip and fall, our loved ones that use a wheelchair could potentially tip backwards. While this could lead to cuts, bruises and overall embarrassment, the main concern is head trauma. Adding safety our Rear Anti-Tipper Device will give you and your loved one some much needed peace of mind as they navigate through everyday life.
  • MADE TO LAST – Our anti-tipper devices are made of durable, high quality, chrome-plated steel that’s made to last for years. They’ree also non-corrosive to keep them from rusting when used outdoors or in the rain. Plus, they are strong enough for extreme use including wheelchair sports like basketball, rugby or marathons.
  • RUBBER BUMPER – Should the wheelchair not only begin to tip over but also slide backwards, the anti-skid rubber bumpers will slow the wheelchair to a halt while keeping it upright. This helps the user, who may not be able to correct the wheelchair right away, regain their control of the wheelchair without fear of injuring themselves or others.
  • FITS MOST WHEELCHAIRS – Considering our Anti-Tipper Devices but wondering if they’ree compatible with your specific wheelchair? Our devices will fit most standard wheelchair models and can be adjusted to the desired angle the user would like the anti-tippers to kick in. This set includes two Pivit Rear Anti-Tipper Devices for Medical Wheelchairs.
  • EASY TO INSTALL – Don’t bother with fussy attachments that require lots of tiny nuts and bolts. Out Anti-Tipper Devices easily install in seconds with the included clamps. But don’t be fooled, just because they go on easy doesn’t mean they‚Äôll fly off with the slightest pressure. These devices are made to hold firm and only detach or adjust when you loosen the easy-turn thumbscrews.

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Get Peace of Mind with The Pivit Rear Anti-Tipper Devices for Medical Wheelchairs

Have you or a loved one ever tipped over backwards while using a wheelchair? It’s a terrifying experience and often leads to serious head trauma. Not to mention the fact that if this should happen while they’ree home along, it’s extremely difficult for someone with limited to no leg mobility to hoist themselves back up on their overturned chair. Eliminate this possibility altogether with the Pivit Rear, Anti-Tipper Devices for Wheelchairs.

  • Vital Mobility Aid Accessory – Our anti-tippers make wheelchairs safer by preventing them from tipping backwards, which is an all-too-frequent occurrence and danger.
  • Quality Materials – Made of durable, heavy-duty chrome-plated steel, our anti-tipper devices will be with you for the long haul. The rubber bumper will help to slow down and stop the wheelchair if it tips backwards.
  • Easy Installation & Universal Fit – Our anti-tipper devices can be installed and adjusted in seconds and will fit most standard wheelchair models.
  • Essential for Amputees – With a center of gravity geared towards the back of the wheelchair, they’ree at greater risk of tipping backwards.
  • Great for Sports – Our anti-tippers will help to prevent this risk during wheelchair racing, basketball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, bowling, hockey, football, baseball or any wheelchair sport.


What’s in theBox?

  • 2 Pivit Rear Anti-Tipper Devices for Medical Wheelchairs
  • 2 Installation Pins


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