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Pivit Foot Rocker Calf Stretcher | Pink


  • IMPROVE OVERALL BALANCE & FLEXIBILITY — Safely stretch any sized foot with the Pivit foot rocker to reduce foot and heel pain. The ergonomic design and smooth, slow movements of the foot rocker works to gently and evenly stretch the foot to relieve pain, improve circulation and reduce fatigue. Additionally, the foot rocker isolates the lower leg muscles, tendons and ligaments for an effective deep stretch to reduce injury and muscle strain.
  • REDUCE FOOT & HEEL PAIN FOR GOOD POSTURE — Our Foot Rocker features a biomechanical design to automatically align the foot in the optimal position to help stretch your tight calf muscles, Achilles tendons, Plantar Fascia and other foot muscles. Increase your range of motion and flexibility with gently rocking motions to safely stretch out any heel, leg and back discomfort.
  • ANTI-SLIP ROCKER DESIGN — Each Foot Rocket features nonslip rubber grips along the bottom to ensure the stretcher does not slide when in use on any type of surface. The raised heel plate locks your heel in place to prevent slipping while in use. Plus, unlike similar devices on the market that are unsafe for personal use and can damage your floors or wooden surfaces, our Foot Rocker is easy on your flooring and is completely safe for personal use.
  • FITS MOST FEET — Designed to ensure proper foot position for safe, effective stretching with an angled foot plate featuring nonslip treads. Plus, there’s a mid-foot gap that allows the foot rocker to be used for ankle strengthening as well.
  • DEVELOPED BY ATHLETES FOR ATHLETES — During product design we consulted with chiropractors and athletes alike to make sure the final product was safe, effective and easy to use. During testing, we discovered that after just three 30-second stretches users had increased flexibility, and decreased heel, leg and back discomfort. Best of all, they’re extremely lightweight and portable. Keep one in your car to use before and after working out or sports practice, keep another in your home gym.

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Get Instant Relief from Chronic Foot Pain with the Pivit Foot Rocker

Whether your calves are tight from prolonged standing, working or you suffer from a lower leg ailment like Plantar Fasciitis or Tendonitis, take the first step towards ending your pain and suffering by using our calf-stretching device every single day. Our device safely and effectively stretches each foot, calf and ankle to gently and evenly relieve foot pain, reduce fatigue and increase circulation and flexibility. You’ll start to see an improvement even from the first day of use!

  • Effectively stretch your foot — Safely stretch either foot with the gentle motion of the foot rocker to relieve pain, improve circulation and reduce fatigue.
  • Reduce Foot & Heel Pain — Get nearly instant relief from foot pain from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ankle strain, arch pain, and other chronic conditions, the foot rocker encourages correct foot posture for effective stretching.
  • Anti-Slip Rocker Design — Nonslip rubber strips along the bottom of the foot rocker ensures the stretcher wont slide when used on any surface. A raised heel plate locks the heel in place while nonslip treads prevent the foot from slipping while in use.
  • Ergonomic Foot Plate — Designed to ensure proper foot posture for safe and effective stretching, the foot stretcher has an angled foot plate with slip-resistant treads. Designed with a mid-foot gap, the foot rocker can also be used for ankle strengthening.


Read Before Use

  • Do not use Foot Rocker on slippery, wet, icy, or a loose-stone or gravel surface
  • Flat, rubber soled shoes are highly recommended when using the Foot Rocker


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