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Pivit BPA Free Travel Weekly Pill Organizer Box Case | Blue | 2 Pack


  • NEVER MISS A DOSE – If you’ve been looking for an extra large pill organizer, then your search is over! Imagine keeping medication neatly organized in one place and supplements out of the way and off the table. There is nothing worse than not knowing what pills you still have to take or missing a dose thats why our medication organizer is perfect for keeping track of your medication throughout the week. Extra-large so you can fit about 36 assorted pills in one compartment with no more mess!
  • EASY TO OPEN – Our extra long tab on each pill box allows for easy opening without the struggle. Easy snap contoured lids easily open this pill case even with one finger for easy pill removal for even seniors with arthritis pain. Spill-proof lids are easy to open but securely hold pills and keep them safe within a drawer or while on the go in your pocket, purse or bag.
  • EXTRA-LARGE COMPARTMENTS – Each compartment holds 36 aspirin It features enough compartments to dispense your prescriptions for up to a week at a time. Contoured bottoms make it quick and easy to remove tablets without having to fish around. Translucent, durable plastic in attractive bright blue color so you can tell if you took your medication without opening the lid.
  • JUMBO LETTERS AND BRAILLE – Our organizers have been tested and the color and labels have been proven to maintain their integrity up to 5,000 uses. To avoid screen-printing fonts and icons falling off from the surface of the pill box, we use high-end screen printing ink, no need to be frustrated with the missing fonts of “Tuesday” or icons of “PM”, and worry about mistakenly taking the wrong tablets.
  • BPA-FREE & BUILT TO LAST – Unlike other pill cases which break or crack during shipping, our product is made from an extra durable plastic which means that your medication is kept safe and secure. Made BPA FREE and NON-TOXIC so you can trust your medications are safe from from harmful leeching and contaminants!

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Let the Pivit Pill Box Keep Your Medications Visible & Organized All Week

Let’s face it, most of us are so busy during the day we‚Äôd forget our own head if it wasn’t attached to us! Let alone remember to take certain medications at certain times of the day. That’s why Pivit created the Seven Day Pill Box with separate, extra-large containers for doses that need to be taken during the week.

If you or a loved one needs a little extra help keeping all of your vitamins or prescription medications straight, get the Pivit Pill Box and make life a little easier.

  • Purposeful Design Our Pill Box has one of the most user-friendly designs. With translucent lids, you can check if you have taken your medication even without opening the lids.
  • BPAFree Unlike other plastic containers, ours will not release any kind of toxin or odor. Your medications will be completely safe in our pill pack. In fact, the medicines will still maintain their freshness even when they are stored in the box for months.
  • Compact Design For Easy Travel This pill organizer is great if you’ree traveling or on-the-go because you can detach exactly the days you need. For the on-the-go people, pack your vitamins and anything else you need into this quilt-covered case.
  • Pills Stay Put It’s quite easy for the old to open the compartment and could secure your pills at the same time. No worries about unwanted dumpage of pills found by pets and kids for your slightest unintentional or incidental touch on the pill planner.


What’s in the box?

  • Two 7 Day Pill Dispenser & Reminders
  • Blue


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