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Pivit Bathroom Safety Frame Toilet Rail


  • SECURELY STAND & SIT — Everyone deserves privacy when using the restroom, even if they need a little assistance when sitting down on to or rising up from the toilet. That’s why we created the Pivit Toilet Safety Rail Grab Bar. Our Grab Bar can safely support up to 300 pounds of force to provide safety and security during use. This unit is perfect for the elderly, handicapped, disabled or anyone who’s recovering from surgery.
  • TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION — Put away your tools! Our Toilet Safety Rail is easy to assemble, install and works with nearly every toilet. Seriously, no tools, drilling or cementing required. The compact rails can be installed and removed using the included seat bolts, preventing the unit from tipping over even if force is only exerted on one side. The entire unit is made of a lightweight anti-corrosive aluminum that’s durable enough for long-term use.
  • NON-SLIP HANDLES — Because our Safety Rails can withstand 300 pounds of force, while remaining upright even if all of the force is only exerted on one side, we made sure to include comfortable, non-slip foam padded armrests. The textured rubber creates a comfortable, non-slip surface to grip onto while sitting or standing.
  • FITS STANDARD ELONGATED OR OVAL TOILETS — Standard, elongated or oval — our Toilet Safety Rails are compatible with any commode! The rail handles adjust in height and width to create a comfortable, customized fit for any user. The handles can be adjusted from 17 –20 inches to provide a comfortable amount of space above the toilet.
  • EASY TO CLEAN — It’s no secret, the average household bathroom is one of the dirtiest places in your entire home. The usually warm, wet environment is a breeding ground for germs and bacterial build up. That’s why we designed our Toilet Safety Rail with feet that easily lift up from the floor and smooth, virtually seamless edges that can be easily cleaned with a warm washcloth and anti-bacterial soap.

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Maintain Your Loved One’s Independence in the Restroom with the Pivit Toilet Safety Rail

Safely and securely sit down onto and rise up from the toilet without help from a loved one with the Pivit Toilet Safety Rail. Our compact, lightweight rail safely supports up to 300 pounds and easily attaches directly to any toilet — standard, oval or irregularly shaped — within minutes. The padded foam armrests provide a comfortable place to rest and will support your loved one as they stand up. Plus, the entire unit is easy to clean with a simple solution of warm water and anti-bacterial soap on a washcloth.

  • SECURELY STAND & SIT — Supporting up to 300 pounds, the sturdy toilet rail is perfect for the elderly, handicapped, disabled, those with arthritis, balancing issues and for those recovering from injury or surgery, the rail prevents common slips and falls.
  • TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION — No tools, drilling or cementing are required. It simply connects to the existing toilet seat.
  • NON-SLIP HANDLES — Soft rubber sustains repeated usage, heavy weight capacity and pain-free support.
  • EASY TO CLEAN — Easily clean both the frame and handrail with a standard disinfectant solution, and even though it’s directly attached, it doesn’t interfere with cleaning the toilet.
  • FITS ALL STANDARD TOILETS — Handles can be adjusted from 21.5” to 26.5” wide and 26” to 31.5” high to accommodate most toilets.


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