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Pivit Bariatric Walking Cane


  • MAINTAIN INDEPENDENCE — The Pivit Bariatric Walking Cane is perfect for heavy individuals needing walking assistance such as the elderly and those with injuries, arthritis or other medical conditions. It provides greater balance and stability on any surface, both indoors and outdoors, and provides enhanced maneuverability, allowing use in narrow spaces such as staircases. This cane’s added stability will make you feel much more confident about doing things on your own.
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL CONSTRUCTION — The steel construction is tough and sturdy, safely supporting up to 600 pounds, both withstanding heavy weight and heavy usage long-term. The attractive black finish resists marring, scratching, corrosion, fading and chipping.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT — This cane features intuitive, easy push-button height adjustment with locking collet for added security and comfort. Easily adjust your cane from 29 inches to 38 inches in 1-inch increments with a few incremental pushes and clicks. The locking pin ensures that once you’ve selected the height suitable for you, it will stay in place. Locking ring tightens and prevents rattling to add security and reduce irritating noise.
  • OFFSET HANDLE WITH PREMIUM FOAM GRIP — The ergonomically designed offset handle perfectly distributes pressure and weight over the base of the cane for maximum balance and control. Pivit’s patented soft-contour handle provides a comfortable, secure grip, reducing shock and contouring to your hand to decrease hand fatigue, preventing muscle cramping and relieving pressure on the wrist. Foam is latex-free and hypoallergenic. It is durable for long-lasting use. Easily clean by wiping with warm water and soap. Includes attached wrist strap for convenient use, accessibility and storage.
  • RUBBER TIP — The durable, 3/4-inch, non-skid, non-marking molded rubber tip with metal washer inserts prevent the cane from piercing the rubber tip, allowing lasting use. It allows for greater traction when walking on uneven or loose terrain, such as grass, gravel or sand. The cane tip flexes as you walk, absorbing the shock of each step to effectively reduce fatigue in the hand and wrist. The offset cane is also compatible with most replacement cane tips.

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The Pivit Bariatric Walking Cane gives you the extra support and more stability than a standard cane at an affordable price -Pivit canes provide a convenient, affordable and lightweight mobility solution for those who experience pain, weakness or mild balance issues that make walking difficult. Quad canes are ideal for users who require more stability and support. Unlike most walkers, standard style canes and small base quad canes generally t on an average depth stair. Pivit also offers convenient folding canes for ease of portability and storage. Pivit canes deliver ease of use, convenient height adjustability, and reliable performance. Bariatric-style cane for enhanced maneuverability allowing use in narrow spaces such as staircases. Offset handle designed to effectively aid walking by better distributing weight over the cane. Manufactured with sturdy 7/8-inch extruded aluminum tubing to allow lightweight aid to adjust to a safe height and support users up to 600 lbs. Easy-to-use, single push button adjusts the height from 29 to 38 inches. Locking ring tightens and prevents rattling to add security and reduce irritating noise. Ergonomically-designed offset handle with soft rubber grip reduces hand pressure allowing for increased stability, comfort, and convenience. Heavy-Duty aluminum construction ideal for users with limited upper body strength. Features durable, 3/4-inch, molded rubber tips with metal washer inserts to prevent the cane from piercing the rubber tip allowing lasting use. Sleek design featuring a black finish, grip, and tips. Includes attached wrist strap for convenient use, accessibility, and storage. Eligible for use with Flexible Spending Account (FSA) reimbursement.


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