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Pivit Adjustable Walking Cane


  • Pivit’s sleek polished metal cane is crafted from anodized aluminum which makes it strong enough to support 250 pounds, yet lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Attractive aluminum finish is coated with a special seal that resists marring and scratching the classic style and design make it an excellent choice for both men and women.
  • Patented soft orthopedic contoured hand grip is designed to provide a comfortable, secure hand hold and designed for patients who need additional assistance with balance.
  • Standard handle matched with our ultra light stick frame makes it easier for even seniors with limited mobility hook the cane over their arm while opening doors or performing other tasks go for a hike without losing your footing with
  • Premium slip resistant rubber tips with extra large surface area that provides superior tracking heavy-duty rubber tip flexes for cushioning and shock absorption and is reinforced with metal insert for extended wear great for those with arthritis and knee pain
  • Intuitive easy push-button height adjustment with locking collet for added security height adjusts from 30″ to 39″ in 1″ increments locking ring also prevents rattling meaning you can set it at the height most comfortable for you
  • Look your best with this beautifully styled designer walking stick; arrives packaged completely accessorized with no assembly required and a three (3) year limited warranty

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What Type Of Cane To Choose For Safe Support

The right cane can make your life a lot easier. as long as you consider all the necessary factors, you are sure to enjoy your new walking aid!

  • Offset Handle Designed to effectively aid walking by better distributing weight over the cane, reduce hand pressure and increase stability
  • Round Handle Designed for user comfort and to accommodate smaller hands
  • Derby Handle T-Shaped handle designed to provide secure grip and better distribute weight over the cane


Keep On Your Feet With Pivit’s Aluminum Cane

Pivit’s adjustable aluminum cane will be there when you need some extra support, but won’t slow you down in the least…

  • Lightweight Aluminum Durable construction resists marring and scratching while providing helpful security with a sleek, attractive color for the modern mobility aid.
  • Round Vinyl Handle – Comfortable, contoured soft vinyl handle for a secure, comfortable hand hold to for those who have smaller hands or cannot easily grip other straight canes.
  • Rubber Tip – Strong reinforced rubber tip for added stability can take wear and tear while reducing the risk of a fall.
  • Height Adjustable – Can adjust between 30″ and 39″ in 1″ increments with a locking collet
  • Weight Capacity – Comfortably supports those in need of a mobility aid up to 250 lbs.


Best For 

  • Those Who Experience Pain, Weakness Or Mild Balance Issues That Make Walking Difficult.


Whats In The Box

  • Aluminum Colored
  • Operating Instructions
  • Limited 3 Year Warranty


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