Pivit 7 Day Weekly Pill Organizer | Pink | 2 Pack


ULTRA-BRIGHT FLUORESCENT PINK FOR THE HIGHEST VISIBILITY – Whether sitting on a counter, buried in a drawer or stuffed into a bag, these 7 day pill organizer stand out so you don’t have to hunt for them. The case is translucent, so you can see if the contents have already been removed without opening the pill organizer box. Includes jumbo, screen-printed letters and Braille markings for easy daily identification so you never miss another dose! OPTIMIZED SIZE FOR CONVENIENCE – The extra-large pink pill compartments hold a surprising number even of large supplements and vitamins. Up to 30 assorted pills can comfortably fit in each individual cell, yet the entire case conveniently fits in small purses or travel bags.

CONTOURED COMPARTMENTS FOR EASY ACCESS – Small, slippery fish oil pills seem to like to hide in corners, but not here; Pivit’s pill travel case specially contoured compartments include a scooped bottom so you don’t miss any important vitamins medications or have to dig around for them. Proven to help even the most stubborn arthritic fingers find their mark!

TIGHTLY LOCKING LIDS INCLUDE EASY-OPEN TABS – Each compartment has a form-fitting, spill-resistant lid that locks quickly into place, keeping excess moisture out. The lids also have extra-long tabs that allow a quick, no-hassle opening with one finger. The large pill organizers gently snap open and closed, helping reduce sudden motion that may jerk open and spill other compartments. Plus the weekly pill organizer are designed to reduce wear, giving up to 5,000 uses.

BPA-FREE AND DURABLE CONTAINER – The entire seven day travel pill case is made from high-quality plastic that’s both BPA-free and nontoxic. BPA toxicity is now well-documented, causing hormone disruption, impotency and possibly inflammatory bowel disease. pill organizers that are not certified as BPA-free should be replaced.

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Let the Pivit Pill Box Keep Your Medications Visible & Organized All Week

Let’s face it, most of us are so busy during the day we’d forget our own head if it wasn’t attached to us! Let alone remember to take certain medications at certain times of the day. That’s why Pivit created the Large Seven Day Pill Box with separate, extra-large containers for doses that need to be taken during the week.

Pivit’s high-visibility weekly pill organizer helps take the guesswork out of taking vitamins, cod liver oil, and medications. Featuring huge individual pill compartments and spill-resistant lids with long tabs for easy access, it comes in a 2-pack for separate AM and PM medication organizers.


Never Miss Another Dose! 

If you or a loved one needs a little extra help keeping all of your vitamins or prescription medications straight, get the Pivit Travel Pill Box and make life a little easier.

  • High-visibility bright fluorescent Pink
  • Sized for large capacity yet convenient travel
  • Rounded individual compartments for easy pill removal
  • Secure lids with long finger tabs
  • Nontoxic, BPA-free durable plastic construction
  • Extra large compartments each hold over 30 smaller pills or large fish oil supplements
  • Durable pill case design reduces wear, giving up to 5,000 uses.


What’s in the Box?

  • Two 7 Day Pill Dispenser & Reminders
  • Bright Pink


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